Monica C 


Monica C is the Creative Services Artist/Designer of Monica C. Stovall Creations & Innovations. She received her formal education at Cass Technical High School in the Commercial Art curriculum. Courses in such subjects as freehand and mechanical drawing, freehand and mechanical lettering, art composition, graphic design, printmaking, art history gave her a level of education comparable to a first year in an art college. Educated with such a broad overview of art forms helped to further broaden and develop her natural artistic skills; skills nurtured by her parents artistic proficiencies in drawing and decorating during her early childhood years.


Monica followed a business career, but was always involved in artistic pursuits in her personal time. Her office positions often included facets of art, as well as being called upon to create print pieces for various office and business uses. Indirectly, Monica was continuing to hone her art knowledge and skills. At one company, she became referred to as the “resident artist.”


Along other creative lines, two which began during her childhood from the activities and hobbies of her parents, she continued to develop in singing, photography, and interior decorating.


Out of the compilation of faith, family, childhood, education, business, art, and singing experiences; has come the business she calls: Monica C. Stovall Creations & Innovations. “Bringing Good Things to Life” is her desire and goal. Monica’s application of aesthetics result in effective solutions for both individuals and businesses. Her products and services are built upon many successful years of creative service.


Monica C. Stovall Creations & Innovations, creative service lines:

  • M Classic Elegance™ Fine Art Photography Prints (Wall Prints)
  • M Interiors & You™ Custom Designed Products (Designs by M Graphic Expression™ Graphic Designs and M Classic Elegance™ Fine Art Photography Prints) 
  • M Impressions™ Books
  • M Precious Memories™ Pastel Portrait Paintings and Drawings

Email: monicacscreations@comcast.net

About Monica C. Stovall Creations & Innovations

Creative Service Lines

 Email: monicacscreations@comcast.net

M Classic Elegance™ Fine Art Photography

M Classic Elegance Fine Art Photographic Prints - For the art collector, appreciators of art and nature, interior designers/decorators, art buyers for adding elegance to homes, businesses, office, desks.

The M Classic Elegance Prints...

  • Bring out the beauty of nature (flowers, landscapes, animals)
  • Classic in artistic approach and composition
  • Articulate in expression, detail, clarity,



M Impressions™ Books


Visual art appreciation book additions for the art collector, home library, coffee table. Also, book catalogs to assist with shopping for available print collections.


M Interiors & You™ Custom Designed Products

Designed products for personal use or as gift ideas. Custom Designs have been selected from the collections of Monica's M Classic Elegance™ Fine Art Photography and M Graphic Expressions™ Graphic Designs.  Product lines include

  • Monica C Tile Coasters by M Interiors & You


M Precious Memories™ Pastel Portraits and Drawings

 M Precious Memories™ Pastel Portraits and Drawings provide long lasting visual works of art for personal and family memories and heirlooms, and art collector pieces, appreciators of the arts. Great investments for yourself, family members, and as gifts (weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, special achievements).


The Pastel Portraits provide precious memories:

  • Large works of art from favorite photos that can be displayed in home galleries and as wall hangings
  • Sizes from 16" x 20" (recommended for single image head and shoulder; i.e. young child, young babies, individuals) and greater

The Drawings:

  • Delightful art pieces created for smaller display areas (sizes 8" x 10" through 22" x 2



Monica's Fine Art Photography

M Classic Elegance™ Fine Art Photography


M Classic Elegance™ Fine Art Photography blends art, composition, and classic styling to nature, architectural, animal, and landscape images.   It is the goal of M Classic Elegance™ to give the viewer a visual array of color and beauty captured by the camera lens.  

Each selected subject for photograhing is done as either:  (1) Macro (a favorite) because it shows the detail and intricate make up of its subject; and (2)  for the purpose of giving the viewer the sensation of being there -- taking in that waterfall, a sunrise, a sunset, waves crashing on to the shore, a valley, or viewing the array of flowers and floral arrangements. 


The photographs are shown in galleries, and can be virtually viewed as prints in canvas, acrylic, framed (with or without mats), as greeting cards, and a simple paper print.

Email: monicacscreations@comcast.net


M Impressions™ Books


M Impressions™ Books is one of the newer creative lines of Monica C. Stovall Creations & Innovations.  Current books available  for sale: M Classic Elegance™ Fine Art Photography. Catalogs are available at: www.monicacstovallcreations.org -- use to order the many useful decorative and accessory products for home, women, and office.   

  • Monica's Bed Bath and More Boutique Catalogs
  • Monica's Artistic Chic Bags Boutique Catalogs
  • Acrylic Prints Catalog

Some of the Books for sale (great for coffe tables, offices, home libraries, or order catalog for Interior Designers):

  • "Reflections...St. Ignace, MI" 
  •  M Combination Flowers Collection
  •  M Yellow Flowers Collection 
Email: monicacscreations@comcast.net



Precious Memories - Portraits and Drawings is currently unavailable due to studio space limitations.  Portraits and drawings of the work of Monica C can be viewed on this website.